747 Wing House

There are those times a photographer is fortunate to have access. This is one for with the graciousness of a creative friend, I had the privilege of chronicling current moments in the making of her Wing Ranch, a house incorporating much of a salvaged & deconstructed Boeing 747 in a setting that itself poses creative inspiration. A terrific example of repurposing; a collaboration between an ecologically inspired client and an equally inspired architect.

It is a portrait study as I became more intimate with the plane’s components, often capturing elements exposed in its dissection that, when the house was completed, would never again be seen and in fact, were concealed always. They were the interior workings of the plane with industrial color and riveted design known only to their fabricators before incorporated  into other sections.

It was an opportunity to see the veritable pores of one of society’s contemporary behemoths, awesome still in its strange conversion to domesticity; an examination of process, starting with the “snapshots” of the wings flying in, evolving into a serious study.

The 747 Wing House exemplifies a new urban landscape where a structure designed as “low impact” by the architect, becomes a challenging form itself that stirs the continuing dialogue between man and nature.