Ghostlight Project


THE GHOSTLIGHT PROJECT is an exploration of that time, not so long ago, when theaters went dark during the pandemic. No live music, drama, poetry, humor, nor dance. No gatherings. They were silent and so were we.

In that moment, I photographed a sampling of Southern California’s diverse live performance spaces standing vacant and still. Even now these theaters – and so many others not just in SoCal – struggle with reopening with financial and attendance losses still being faced. Initially I have created a small online fundraiser for the photographed theaters, funded by sales of The Ghostlight Project prints and related book. The fundraiser is now open at this page, two years after we were left adrift.

How it works


The Ghostlight Project Book



For the Fundraiser only and only for a limited period, the exhibition quality prints will be offered in an unlimited edition at prices significantly lower than my usual exhibition pricing and sizing. The related book will be offered below cost.

The 15 theaters photographed for this project shall share equally in the net profits from this fundraiser. I shall take no profit and I am self-funding the costs. All funds to the theatres will be distributed at the close of the fundraiser and prints and books delivered as specfied below:

  1. Each Ghostlight Project signed print is 11×14 inches, printed on fine art archival papers and fundraiser priced at $125.00 (+tax & shipping). All prints to be printed & delivered within several weeks after their order during and after the fundraiser.
  2. The Ghostlight Project book will be available for purchase at $65.00 (+tax & shipping). Note that the book orders will also be made at the fundraiser close but there is the possibility of supply chain delays in production, primarily in paper, and orders may not be fulfilled for a month or so. 

Purchase by theatre above, or view the full series.