Ghostlight Project


24th Street Theatre | California Theatre of the Performing Arts | East West Players | Ebony Repertory Theatre | Ensemble Theatre Company of Santa Barbara | Fountain Theatre | Fox Performing Arts Center | The Glass House Concert Hall | CTG’s Kirk Douglas Theater | UCLA Nimoy Theater | The Orpheum Theatre | Pasadena Playhouse | UCLA’s Royce Hall | Theatre 68

THE GHOSTLIGHT PROJECT is an exploration of that time, not so long ago, when theaters went dark during the pandemic. No live music, drama, poetry, humor, nor dance. No gatherings. They were silent and so were we.

In that moment, I photographed a sampling of Southern California’s diverse live performance spaces standing vacant and still. Even now these theaters – and so many others not just in SoCal – struggle with reopening with financial and attendance losses still being faced.

Initially I created a small online fundraiser for the photographed theaters, funded by sales of The Ghostlight Project prints and related book. The fundraiser is now closed and the small prints are no longer available.  This “fundraiser” portion of the website is undergoing transition to my full photographic and publishing portfolio.  That said, if you are interested in limited edition prints at a larger size or would like to purchase The Ghostlight Project book, you may contact me at the website contact page.  

And, while so many performances spaces are re-opening, their subscriber/attendance bases and program scheduling are still tenuous and the theatres still need help. I will be providing soon a list of links to the subject theaters as well as links to several performance associations.  They still need your attendance, your help and support for the coming years.